Rahu in hasta nakshatra

Wednesday, June 18, Hasta Nakshatra in Astrology. Ruling Planet: Moon. Deity: Savitar, The Sun God. Symbol: Palm of the Hand. Gana nature : Deva God. Animal symbol: Female Buffalo. Sounds: pu, sha, na, thaa. Primary Motivation: Artha, material prosperity. Hasta Nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet mercury virgo and ruled by planet Moon. The symbol for this nakshatra is the palm of the hand. Hasta is formed by five stars fingers in the constellation of Corvus, the crow.

It is observed in the sky as an open hand giving blessing to humanity. The ruling planet is the Moon and in the sign of Virgo ruled by Mercury reflecting the very mental, creative intelligence and good speech who promotes creativity and transforming energy. Hasta people usually have a pleasant humorous temperament. They are good in arts and craftsmanship. Hasta gives the ability to achieve goals in a complete and immediate manner.

rahu in hasta nakshatra

They have an industrious, hardworking and service oriented nature. Hasta is the most optimistic and creative nakshatra. Savitar has jovial nature, lighthearted type of persona. He always portrayed with laughing gesture. He is a playful deity into all kinds of trick, amusement and games.

Nakshatra – Hasta

Savitar is supposed to be extremely skilled with hands. This makes Hasta directly associated with everything done with hands.Hasta Nakshatra Virgo to Virgo. Planet- Moon. Symbol- Hand.

Deity- The sun God.

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Hasta nakshatra is about being a hero, it's about defending the weak and fight for the weak. But this symbol of fist isn't just for fighting but it also shows working with your hand and working hard with your hands, such people can be very artistic with hands like a painter, sculpture, sowing and carpenter.

It's about being mechanical with your hands. Such people are quite emotional about their work and their work is fueled by emotions, because Moon is ruling this nakshatra. This is why such Virgo people are very sensitive, calm and mellow vs. This people when emotional about their work, they will dig deep with their hands, get their hands dirty if they have to to finish their work.

However much people should always look at the long and big picture. By the time they hit age of 24, they really star to excel in life up to the age of Such people are very good at working under others, they will take other's business as their own and would love to take it to new heights, for them there is no ego about mine or yours, they just want to work hard and bring about a positive change into their professional life and they expect the same from others.

Hasta nakshatra pada 1- People with Hasta nakshtra pada 1 are very studious, intelligent and love solving problems. They do very well in math and make some of the great accountants and mathematicians. They love working with numbers which also makes them a good financial advisors. They keep everything neat and clean and love arranging things in order, which gives them their mental pace. This is the ability that lands them into management, supervisor and interior decorator.

They know how to manage things and organize them.

rahu in hasta nakshatra

Hasta nakshatra pada 2- Pada 2 of Hasta nakshatra people are good at taking care of others, especially close family and friends. They enjoy the anadmey of human body which also makes them good docotrs and nurses, however if moon has bad infulence upon this pada then it can also make a person addicted to dead bodies and necrophilia sexual desire towards dead corpsbut mainly they make good health advisors and healers.

Lot of nutrionists can be seen from this. Hasta nakshatra pada 3- Hasta naksahtra pada 3 people very argumentative, detail oriented and very disciplined about their work.

They are fond of arguments and winning arguments. They make great writers, and medicine man, but at the same time they always want to make their statement heart even when advising someone in the medical field.

This can also take them into great addiction toward alcohol and drugs especially if Moon has aspect of Rahu on this. Hasta nakshatra pada 4- People born under the nakshatra of Hasta pada 4 are very wealthy especially when they pursue the career as an accountant, book keeper, and financial advisor. Great CEO have been seen with such naksahtra pada and mainly their entire focus is on pleasure because the sign of Virgo is coming to an end, this is where Virgo's hard work starts to slowly transform into pleasure, although still as the cusp, these folks love to be pampered and receive wealth which stabilizes their mind, after all moon needs stability, which comes through finding security in financial world.

Please donate, it helps!Saturday, May 3, Dhanishtha Nakshatra in Astrology. Ruling Planet: mars Deity: Eight vasus, deities of earthly abundance. Gana nature : Rakshasa demon. Animal symbol: female lion. Sounds: gaa, gee, goo, gay. Primary motivation: Artha, Material gain. Dhanishta Nakshatra comes under in the domain of planet Saturn Capricorn and Aquarius and ruled by planet Mars. Dhanishta Nakshatra is the twenty third nakshatra. Dhanishta, consist of small groups of four stars in the constellation known as Delphinus the Dolphin.

These four stars are arranged in a rhombus shape, which the ancients saw as signifying a drum.

Rahu in Virgo in Vedic Astrology (All about Virgo Rahu in Jyotish)

People born in this nakshatra are Liberal, courageous, practical, rich, powerful and kind hearted, sympathetic and compassionate. Dhanishta Nakshatra is known as the "Star of Symphony".

The symbol is a musical instrument called mridangam or tabla. People born in this nakshatra usually wealthy, have love for music and have talent in singing. These people possess the gifts of insight, listening, and perception of truth. They also interested in in knowing about spiritual and occult knowledge. This is a social nakshatra, which likes to be part of groups.

It likes to mingle with people. The Vasus means good or light, and reflect high virtues and a charitable nature. These Vasus are the Deities of the earth that gives abundance and fame on material plane.

All these eight deities carry within them the energies of different nakshatras.The Nakshatras in Vedic astrology are lunar constellations and directly manifest its expressions.

The Moon changes signs houses about every 2. It takes 28 days to move through the 12 signs of the zodiac, translating into two weeks of a waxing bright half Moon and two weeks of a waning dark half Moon. The Moon is related to our intuition, intelligence and our natural emotions.

The purity of thought, word and deed. Good self-control. Very resourceful. The male native of the Hasta Nakshatra will have a cool and calm nature. He tends to have a very charming smile that readily attracts members of the opposite sex. These inherent qualities have a positive impact on others and once you get to know them, it is difficult to neglect them.

He is highly esteemed in society. Deception is not in his creed, and he will never cheat others even at the cost of life and limb. As far as lifestyle is concerned, he leads a simple life, even if he is rich because he does not believe in flaunting his wealth. Despite all these positive qualities, he only gets criticism in return, but he has vast reserves of patience and is confident that one day his efforts will be rewarded.

The Hasta Nakshatra native is very disciplined as a professional. These natives quickly grow to lead their organisations or become businessmen. They possess a good educational foundation and excellent general knowledge.

Since he is a good listener, this native generally also has a good ability to settle disputes among his associates. Before he reaches the age of 30, there will be a lot of uncertainty in his life, but the period between 30 and 42 years of age will be his most fortunate time, both on the professional and personal fronts. After 64 years of age, the Hasta Nakshatra native will be literally minting money. The Hasta Nakshatra native has a happy married life. He enjoys a good rapport with his wife who conducts the household work admirably.

A little friction is only to be expected as in any normal relationship, but since both are understanding and flexible, these differences will be ironed out in no time.

However, one odd trait observed in the wife of this native is that she may indulge in same-sex activities. The Hasta Nakshatra native is likely to catch a cough and cold frequently, especially during changing weather. He should take care that he does not develop asthma. The female native of the Hasta Nakshatra is naturally shy. She has great regard for elders, but she may not like to be ordered around.

She is outspoken and does not care what impact her words may have.Tuesday, November 17, Rahu in Mrigsira Nakshatra.

Mrigashira is the fifth Nakshatra called Searching Star. This is why this nakshatra is represented by dear head and dear searches in the forest for his food and calmness. These people truly flourish after the age of Mrigasira nakshatra results generally comes after The first half of the Mrigashira is placed in the constellation of Taurus the bull. This part is ruled by Venus is very creative; the native is very poetic and have artistic talent.

The second half of mrigashira which resides in Gemini is very good in politics, general affairs or mrigasira nakshatra love life, publishing, writing, and public speaking. The person may also be very clever, curious, research oriented these are mrigasira nakshatra qualities. In our vedas mercury birth story connected with mrigashira nakshatra. That is analytical mind of mercury is create out of the perceptual mind of the moon. Mrigasira nakshatra details can be interrelated as involvement of sexual relation, birth of illegal child but reunion of family after troubles because mercury represents happiness and joyful nature as well.

Now you can conclude mrigasira nakshatra good or bad. Rahu in this nakshatra makes native very Agile and diplomatic, they work generally in authority position, political and executive leaders in top mnc.

They are born into royal families if Sun and rahu well placed. They rise to the after age of 32 in high position and receive fame and status in the society. Rahu in this nakshatra uses managing ability very intelligently. Rahu will begin, to search for materialistic pleasure. This pada represents the firmness of mind, intelligence and very witty peoples who become success in business at very early stage of life. If rahu and moon is not well placed then problems in childhood and some issues with mothers are seen.

They are good communicators. This pada is related to sociability exploring the mental side of all types of relationships. This Rahu generally gives very good results in creativity side, media, acting, glamour industry.The constellation Corvi is visible in the night sky just below the bright star of Spica. In the astrology chart, Hasta resides completely in the sign of Virgo. The word Hasta translates as "the hand" and signifies all activities performed with the hands.

Those born under this star are industrious, intelligent and reasonable. This nakshatra also symbolizes agreements and greetings as represented by the hand shake. The ruling deity Savitar, an aspect of the Sun, is jovial and carefree. Savitar gives the ability to use the hands in a skilled, crafty, or cunning manner. They can also be used for trickery and gambling. Savitar has the power to give life so Hasta can be associated with childbirth and establishing a family. Hasta is an optimistic star with an amazing capacity to create.

Those born under this nakshatra have the ability to manifest an object of desire in their hands. People born under Hasta should visit this temple at least once during their lifetime.

Those who visit the temple at Komal and worship Sri Kirupa Koobareswarar an aspect of Lord Shiva and Goddess Sri Annapoorani will receive the blessings of divine grace and compassion. People born under Hasta star should worship this form of Shiva with folded hands in prayer, meditation and yoga.

It is also recommended for these people to perform the ancestor ritual known as tarpanam. The connection of this temple to Hasta star begins with the story of Goddess Parvati, who wanted to understand exactly what Lord Shiva experienced as the ruler of the Universe.

Shiva participated in Divine sport, so Parvati decided she too would take part in Divine sport to gain the knowledge of Shiva. She had stopped the flow of water, the movements of planets and everything in the universe became still.

Overcome with guilt, Parvati asked Lord Shiva for his forgiveness. Shiva explained to Parvati that due to her actions, he would disappear into the light known as "Hastayama Jyoti" created by his own hands.

Parvati would then incarnate as a cow wondering around the world in search of Shiva until she reunited with him in the form of "Hastayama Jyoti.

Making sweet or savory cakes by hand, is a good example of such an offering. This will help assist those who are poor to acquire wealth. It is also recommended that people who are suffering from depression visit the temple at Komal. To make an offering on Pradosham days, Mondays and Wednesdays is a powerful remedy for depression.

Finally, those who have marital troubles can walk around this temple from left to right as a remedy for any challenges with marriage. Burning one of these pillars is like performing a mini fire ritual for that particular star formation. For your specific Birthstar, you will be able to connect inwardly to your planet of energetic origin and gain support with the positive aspects that are you. It is recommended to at least burn your own personal Nakshatra pillar daily to stay connected to your essence.

It is advantageous to burn the days Nakshatra pillar as well. Active, resourceful, pleasant, practical, ability to manifest, purity in thought and deed. Each Nakshatra is divided into four quarters called padas that contain more specific characteristics of a person born in that pada quarter :.

The Navagraha and Nakshatra Homa is a powerful ritual performed to alter the effects of karma accorded to you by the nine planets, thus changing the course of your destiny.

Appeasing the nine planets and acquiring their blessings play a crucial role in resolving difficulties in day-to-day life and charting a course toward peace and happiness. Your birth star is the blueprint of your nature and traits. Read on to know the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses and a lot more about yourself based on your birth star. Home Nakshatra Hasta.

Good Time Gulikai.What a information of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious familiarity regarding unpredicted emotions. Saturday, April 9, Rahu in Hasta Nakshatra. Mercury shows creative intelligence, good speech, creativity and transforming energy. As Hasta from name is clear they will skill hand and do more and more hard work and will rise in life from their qualities.

Rahu placed in Hasta shows extreme heights through communication, intelligence and gives destiny through his own efforts. This is pure materialistic placement of rahu which gives extreme height on the earth and restricts spiritual growth but if moon highly afflicted then it gives sudden ups down because this is moon influence.

These peoples very intelligent and always accepts challenging task this is the key of their success. This pada gives abundant energy, and makes one an expert at mathematics and in surgical skill.

This is the good combination for become great surgeon. These people perform well in government field also. Rahu in hasta in pad 2 gives promises huge materialistic success in life. This pada relates to the artistic side and the native is honest and cheerful.

rahu in hasta nakshatra

These peoples luxury oriented and at particular stage of life always finds opposite sex enjoyment. They will do well in career after age of 32 and will achieve success suddenly after this age.

They enjoy their life with family and friends. These peoples find of nice fragment, beauty, attractive places etc. This pada is the most dextrous and clever. The native is intelligent. Strongest placement of rahu if mercury also well placed in the chart then person can achieve whatever they want from life. Huge success in all undertakings, very intelligent, very successful after age of Even person born in poor family but his success remarkable world-wide.

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