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brainworx plugins

VAT It's a fully legal version, not a crack nor pirate version. And with over a decade of hardware modeling experience, Brainworx has impregnated the Mo-Verb Plus with a core algorithm that matches the behavior of the original Transient Designer unit closer than ever before. Bring out the sustain period of a snare to get the tone and grit up front in the mix.

All of these effects would take considerable programming of a typical compressor, but Mo-Verb Plus can do it all with just one knob! In order to register the plugin, you need a Plugin Alliance account.

In order to initiate the license transfer I will need your Plugin Alliance email address. Plugin Alliance officially allows the license transfers, so there will not be any problems.

Please check my other ebay listings with Plugin Alliance plugins. There is no physical delivery, only a digital download. Due to digital nature of this sale no returns or refunds are accepted. Thank you.Brainworx is arguably the most versatile plugin developer out there. They have developed the biggest part of our PA catalogue, including most of our analog modeled plugins! These plugins will make you sound better and are available in all native formats.

The Brainworx Audio bundle is an audiophile rock'n'roll experience. No major studio's or VIP engineer's plugin collection is complete without the award-winning Brainworx tools. Subscribe now and start getting the best out of your projects.

Hassle-free: all our monthly and yearly bundles will auto-renew every month or every year. This means you will be charged automatically until you cancel which you can do anytime, of courseand your licenses will be renewed automatically every month or every year as well depending on your specific plan.

I just wanted to tell you that I was blown away with the Brainworx plugins! I can't remember the last time I got a smile from ear to ear when I started tweaking the parameters of a plugin. With the Installation Manager, you can select, download and install just the Plugin Alliance products and formats you need for your system. Jump To:. An incredibly simple plugin with just two parameters. Your new go to delay plugin! It offers analog audio quality and digital DNA.

Catch transients early in the mix, and save your main mastering limiter some work. Get cleaner mixes! Easy and Professional. Great on guitars, vocals and even drums. Add sparkling presence and life with precision. Auto-avoid common phase problems, and sound extra-wide and tight! Great for synths, guitars, vocals and snares! Generate sub, punch and saturation; improved upon a dbx XP subharmonic synthesizer.

Tune up right before you hit the record button. I think… Read More. Be the first to review this product. Write a Review. Log in or create an account to access downloads. Installation Manager Installation Manager v1.Rockrack is a multi-amp suite that was released a few years ago now. To me, I look at it as being very underrated given the amount of use I have gotten out of it and how seldom I see it mentioned anywhere.

What you get with the full Rockrack is a small but very high quality selection of amps based on products from Engl, Marshall, Mesa Boogie and a cool Brainworx original. Along with the amps users get a cabinet section and a small but very useful set of tools to get everything dialed in. So basically, you have four complete amps in one sim. I really enjoyed the previous versions of rockrack so when this version came out, it was a must have for me.

brainworx plugins

It features a selection of amps that covers a ton of ground tone wise. The Engl, Marshall and Roland clean tone offerings are very strong and actually do really well with a TS boost.

You can get a nice shimmering clean tone or a nice gritty clean tone, your choice. Add a tube screamer, OD or distortion pedal plugin to any of the clean channels for some great driven cleans or dirty tones.

I also found the clean tones to be great for less gainy leads when driven so be sure to give that a shot. On the distortion front, you also get a nice selection. The Marshall has some really nice cutting leads and rhythms, the Engl has a great spectrum of gainy tones and the Metal gives you everything from crunch to tech death with high gain clarity and articulation.

The Rect-o-verb is my favorite offering in the plugin, I could play on it for days. It has miles of tones for really anything from mid to high gain.

brainworx plugins

I will typically use Rockrack when testing pedal plugins for the first time because I know every single amp responds well to being hit with some dirt. The brainworx bx yellow drive and blue chorus on the JCM channel gave me the popular Zakk Wylde type tone, the bx greenscreamer with the Metal was lights out for death metal and the Jazz clean with even just the onboard delay was real shimmery and smooth.

The impulse selection is decent but I assume it was tough to narrow down a small list of sims for such a crazy range of amps included. I have actually been using Rockrack to test new impulse packs for the last three years. It provides any tone I could need to test any impulse pack and because I am so familiar with the plugin, it provides a firm constant in the trial and reviewing processes.

I highly advise trying Rockrack with anything and everything from your impulse response collection. All Brainworx sims come with onboard stuff like a gate, delay and filtering options to get things sounding tip top and can all be bypassed quickly. Whether you are just getting into amp sims or a seasoned pro, pick this up. You get so much quality and versatility in a small package for a great price, this plugin sells itself. Really nice clean tones that have warmth to them, mid gain rock tones, crunch across the board, gain for days and everything else you would need.

When it goes on sale, it goes cheap and sometimes as part of a combo with another amp sim or guitar related plugin. Skip to content Search for: Search Close.

Close Menu. Like this: Like Loading Post to Cancel.Clearly Brainworx are avoiding use of someone's brandname here, for reasons that didn't take much internet sleuthing. Here's a hint: It's solid state, it's logical, and you get guesses. The idea is that, due to the realities of variances in electrical components, no two manufactured units of audio equipment ever sound exactly the same, unless a painstaking process of hunting and testing every component for an exactly matched value is undertaken.

Plugin Alliance Complete (Win)

This is a significant effort for a stereo pair, and practically impossible for a large console. Differences are usually subtle but sometimes not. This issue has long been the bane of analog circuit designers. With digital models, we get exact channel-matching for free.

Isn't that great? Brainworx says, no, not really, because channel-to-channel variance contributes to the huge sound of the old giant consoles of decades past.

Using TMT, Brainworx supplies each of these plug-ins with 72 analog-style variations, as would have happened with 72 real analog channels. The channels are numbered, and assignable to any instantiation of the plug-in. But there are also numerous optional enhancements that present themselves as tweaker screws; and in the case of the added hysteresis control for the gate on the E and G plug-ins, the knob just appears when the feature is engaged.

This level of devotion to the old days brings a tear to my eye. The Random buttons allow you to either randomly assign one of the 72 variants to the current instantiation, or assign random variants to all instantiations. You won't get any repeated variants until all 72 are spent, which means you can easily assemble more console combinations than you can count. They were close but did not cancel. I still feel the same way as before.

I still liked and chose the TMT version though. Was I feeling sentimental for analog-ness? My only complaint about these plug-ins is the devotion to the original layout of the analog consoles. Brainworx has added excellent sonic enhancements that were either not practical on the originals or not thought of. Why not extend that thinking to the layout?

As it is, you have to learn these interfaces, and I was not able to do that without reading the manual. The manual is great, and full of interesting pro-tips, so I didn't mind; but unless you already know these consoles, you will not hit the ground running with these plug-ins. And why not have some value boxes that you can type into? I'd guess, based on the enthusiasm for the originals that is oozing though the manuals, that Brainworx wants this to feel as much like using the real consoles as possible.

But given that I am staring at a glowing screen anyway, I'd like to take advantage of that screen. The only thing that would make the experience of using these plug-ins more analog is if each license came with a unique set of TMT channels, and you could not rearrange the order. I am of course taking it for granted that these sound like the specific consoles they were modeled after. I have no way of knowing for sure, but on the other hand, I also don't care. They sound great, and all three versions are tied for the most feature-rich channel strips I have.

So, in addition to analog enthusiasts everywhere, I'd also recommend these to folks just starting in recording.In some situations, you can even add cheaper plugins to your cart, which will discount your bundle below your previous total.

The plugins a part of this list are tools that I use regularly. Each one of these plugins is free to download and demo for 14 days, so you can test them out for yourself! Start crafting mixes that sound rich, full, loud, big, and punchy, all without altering the peak level running into the HG This unit allows you to make use of four different vacuum tube stages combined in series. It also uses parallel circuits to color your sound with additional harmonic content. The HG-2 has separate gain controls for its pentode and triode tubes, and a particularly useful Density knob that lets you drive both tubes harder without changing the relative balance of either knob.

The HG-2 definitely has a signature sound, but it provides a wide variety of tones, which is what you want from a quality color box. It has 11 bands with various filter types including parametric bells, high- and low-shelves, and high- and low-passes. Also included in this EQ are imaging, monitoring, and metering sections that make it perfect for mastering.

New to version 3 is a high-frequency band that reaches up to 40 kHz, a dynamic EQ module, API-style Proportional Q filters, and six notch filters in total. There are Bass and Presence shifters which apply one of three different tilt filters. This device has a transparent sound thanks to its minimum phase design that reduces phase shift and frequency masking.

The thing I like about this limiter is that it allows you to apply gain reduction without simultaneously increasing the output level of your signal. I might have a thick vocal stack summing together that I need to control somehow. This acts to tame any transients that result from the individual tracks summing together, making setting the level of my vocal buss against other busses slightly easier.

Beyond the halfway mark, you can expect tones more useful for creative sound design. Other plugins can do the exact same thing, but I just happened to prefer how this device is laid out.

PA Brainworx bx_bundle

This allows me to quickly refer to essential track information without disrupting my workflow. Providing a mono signal with stereo width can sometimes prove to be quite challenging. The issue is that, depending on the device or technique you use, you can run into phase issues. Phase issues are something to look out for any time you start widening elements in your mix. Even if your mix sounds great in stereo, when the left and right channels sum together through mono playback systems, your mix may not hit as hard as you had intended, or you may experience complete phase cancelation silence.

One of my favorite features on this plugin is the Mono-Freq knob. It allows you to keep your low-end in mono, up to Hz, and then spread the frequency content above the crossover point you've selected.

brainworx plugins

This plugin seeks to emulate its analog counterpart built in that was created with components supplied by Solid State Logic SSL. I find this compressor has a somewhat warm sound, but it still manages to maintain the punch and shimmering top-end of the signal that you run through it.

It works well on synths, pianos, guitars, drums, and full mixes. Many mastering limiters use a single band to compress the entire audio signal, while other use multiple bands.

However, not very many limiters allow you to compress your mid-highs, mid lows, and sides independent of one another. It will allow you to make broad EQ adjustments, affecting wide frequency ranges. In most cases, it actually has quite a desirable sound. Its controls more than subtly indicate what the device is intended for: mastering. Attack times range from 0.Even if you are not a professional mastering engineer! No artificial intelligence, virtual assistants or multi-band voodoo, just great sounding analog models and an intuitive layout, so YOU can do the job.

Please check the sound examples below. Different styles, and we offer mastered versions and pure mixes available for comparison.

These masters were made in 60 seconds per song! Try one of our carefully crafted presets as a starting point and from there dive into the intuitive interface and clear metering system to dial in the perfect level and tone for your project. Supported Operating Systems macOS With the Installation Manager, you can select, download and install just the Plugin Alliance products and formats you need for your system.

Jump To:. I always remove this before actual mastering This is my first review and I am compelled to say that Masterdesk is excellent! Placed it on the mix bus and my mix sounds excellent!! This is an excellent plugin Thanks Brainworks. So, yeah, I honestly haven't ever reviewed a product like this. Endless voices on the internet can be found saying any given plugin is at once the best AND garbage. Signal to noise ratio is too high… Read More.

This plugin is putting power to a mix while the handling is kept simple. I love this combination. It provides ideas. Masterdesk is a no brainer.

Mastering EQ Plugin Tutorial with Protoculture - Brainworx bx_digital v3

I haven't found a plugin that does what this does. Now my songs finally sound like music. Thanks again Brainworx! View All Customer Reviews. Log in or create an account to access downloads.

Installation Manager Installation Manager v1. Manuals Manual English, 2.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Mastering requires a balanced, highly tuned processing chain, which can be both complex and expensive. I first used the Bx Masterdesk a year ago. I ran the demo and decided to use it on the master bus on a track I was mixing, that track went on to be popular and played on local commercial This works like voodoo to me.

Brainworx Rockrack

I was able to change the volume without raising the level. When you first A superb addition to my producers kit. I ran the demo and decided to use it on the master bus on a track I was mixing, that track went on to be popular and played on local commercial radio stations. The artist ask me a year later to find out what was the "secret sauce" I use to make that track as for now he wants that sound for all his tracks. I proceeded to open the pro tools session and realize The bx was on and when I would bypass the difference was huge.

By far the number one plug in thats a must have, every control you need at your fingers tips to make a great sounding master. When you first use it and have no mastering experience you will be high for 24 hours over the fact that you can do this.

I started my own mastering company using this. Sound is very good but from the new Logic pro X version is started a serious graphical problem I have not regretted purchasing this plugin. I have spent years trying to find a tool like this!

The presets are spot on! The versatility is mind bending! Liked a lot despite the deceptive small numbers of adjustable pots and buttons. What a plugin!! Finally, all the volume, compression and shine of a mastered track right after mixing. Very useful to have an idea how it can sound afterwards. The Low End controls is fantastic!!

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